Print-a-Palooza: a Free Printable Linkup

Welcome to iHomeschool Network’s Print-a-Palooza, an extravaganza that will no doubt require you to stock up on printer ink!

We hope you will spend the next 2 weeks enjoying these collections of free printables from bloggers all around the world. You will have the opportunity each day to to linkup your own printables in the various categories below.

  1. Monday, Sept 24 – household organization (housekeeping, cooking, storage, etc)
  2. Tuesday, Sept 25- homeschool organization (curriculum, lesson plans, field trips, etc)
  3. Wednesday, Sept 26 – language arts
  4. Thursday, Sept 27- fine arts
  5. Friday, Sept 28- personal organization (blogging, devotions, family, etc)
  6. Monday, Oct 1- math
  7. Tuesday, Oct 2- Christmas
  8. Wednesday, Oct 3- history and geography
  9. Thursday, Oct 4- science
  10. Friday, Oct 5- birthdays (invites, banners, cards, thank yous, wrappers, etc)


  1. Better stock up on some printer paper! I’m really looking forward to this, thank you!

  2. This gets me super excited!

  3. Just went and put money on my local printing account, so lookout I am ready to go. Hehe. So many good things on here. Love it and thanks to everyone for sharing.

  4. Whoa, this makes me giddy!

  5. I excitingly told my hubby about this and he said “oh boy.” Hehehe, this is awesome!


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