Homeschool Mother’s Journal: May 17, 2012

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Homeschool Mother’s Journal. This week we are featuring Carlie from So You Call Yourself A Homeschooler.

In my life this week…

The children and I are making “Welcome Home” banners for my husband’s homecoming this summer. He is currently away serving on his 5th year long combat deployment in Afghanistan. I am also in the beginning stages of designing my newest website, Managing Your Blessings, getting ready for it’s launch this summer :)

In our homeschool this week…

We finished up our core subjects last month so we are focusing on some fun projects we are not able to do during the year. This week we made some “mock” explosions using baking soda and vinegar in different vessels (ie: balloons, 2-liter soda bottles). Blowing up things for us is always a lot of fun!

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…

Focus on the important things first. I know that my relationship with my children is more important to me than drilling them with an assignment they might need extra help with. I would rather strengthen my relationship with my children and take a break from school than hurt them by getting frustrated or upset with them. I’m in this for the long haul :)

I am inspired by…

My husband’s love for Jesus. It always amazes me how my husband can be in the middle of a war zone and still hold men’s Bible studies. He has a very contagious love for Jesus and the strength and determination he displays in all situations amazes me. I’ve truly never met such a hard working, kind, wise, funny, diligent, humble, generous, and loving person in my life.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

This week we went out to the park and for walk down by the river. Germany is gorgeous in the spring time!

My favorite thing this week was…

Making chocolate chip cookie dough cupakes with my children!

What’s working/not working for us…

One thing that is definitely working for us – that has ALWAYS worked for us – is our morning devotion time together. It is such a sweet and special time between the children and I.

One thing that does not work for us is skipping devotions – when we do this there is always conflict and frustration early in the day. And for our family, this is just not an option.

Questions/thoughts I have…

Wondering where God is going to take us after Germany. There are a lot of unknowns with our family as we are finished with the military after this contract is up. Trusting God to guide us where we need to be in order to continue to walk right in the center of His will and purpose for our lives :)

Things I’m working on…

Receiving love from others. This is a struggle for me every day. However, victory is mine through Christ Jesus! A broken childhood can be overcome and I am a living testimony!

I’m reading…


Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman’s Soul {John & Stasi Eldredge}

Keeping Our Children’s Hearts {Maxwell}

I’m cooking…

Sukiyaki, vegetarian lasagne, grilled ceasar salad, ordering Chinese, and reheating leftovers….LOL.

I’m grateful for…

Deployment #5 coming to an end. A year can be a long time when your other half is on the other side of the world…

I’m praying for…

The continued safety for my husband and ALL of the coalition forces stationed around the world. Forever grateful for all the sacrifices made every day that the average person enjoying freedom will NEVER hear about. We love you and are grateful for you – our heroes! We also pray for our 3 sponsored children every day. Our hearts desire is to meet each of these precious ones in person one day. To our brilliant Dario {in Ecuador}, our precious Sinead {in Ecuador}, and our sweet Steven {in Indonesia}: We BELIEVE in you, love you, and are honored that God graced our family with your lives. This past year of getting to know you and receiving your letters have forever changed our lives and relationship with God. And for this we are forever grateful to you! Praying we meet you in real life!

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

This photo was taken last summer the day my husband deployed. This is in honor of our upcoming 12th wedding anniversary {June 10} and my love coming home this summer. I can’t wait until you are safely in my arms again!

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  1. Welcome home banners, an anniversary – such happy times! Thank you to your husband and you for your service to our country. I’m going to have to check into those chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes!

  2. Lasagne- yummy! I have never made vegetarian {actually have only made meat lasagne once!}.
    I’m praying with you for the soldiers {and your husband} that are fighting.
    I hope you and your family have a great weekend.

  3. Great post fb friend. I love to hear about what you are doing! What part of Germany are you living? How long have you been there? Where do you call home? Lots of questions but my son is really interested in visiting there someday and he would love to learn about the area where you are! It would be a great lesson plan and you know when you homeschool everything looks like a learniing experience. I can’t wait for you to see your husband again soon. It must be terribly difficult to know he’s in such a dangerous area. Prayers heading your way for a safe and happy reunion. Blessings to you and yours, Your fb friend, Eunice

    • Hi Eunice :) We live in the upper region of Bavaria (about 15 minutes from the Czech border). We have been here a little over a year and call NC home. We built a house in NC in 2005 with every intention to return, Lord willing :) If your son has any questions, ask away! Thanks for your kind comments and friendship. Bless you!

  4. I only just now am getting around to visiting other blogs on this list.. it’s been a busy week! And maybe there’s a reason for that, because reading back through your homeschool advice.. it was exactly what I needed to hear for today. At one point I wasn’t sure if I needed to push through or stop and regroup. I’m ashamed to admit that I didn’t choose the kids, I pushed through, as miserable as it was for all of us.

    Tomorrow is another day.

    Your part about being inspired by your husband made me smile. My husband only recently got back into church and back together with God. Watching him go all in for Jesus inspires me, too. =)


    • Amber,
      I totally get it – it is tough to always choose what’s “right” when our flesh is always going towards the enticing things :/ But like you said, thankful for TOMORROW and the hope of a future that God’s forgiveness and grace is smothered all over :) Praise God for your husband and His love for God. I believe it is the best inspiration a wife could ever have! Bless you!!

  5. Wow, this is such a touching post and I’m so happy for you and your family at the return of your husband. He sounds like a very special man – and you such an amazing mother and wife to keep the home so strong whilst he’s been away.

    Wishing you a very, very happy Wedding Anniversary, home-coming, continued sunshine in spring and a positive future, wherever and whatever it may hold.

    I’m dropping by from my friend Jen’s blog (Snapshots) who often links up. I’m new to homeschooling.



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